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Fatality Management Equipment:
Solutions for the dignified management of human remains

Our Products

Designed for respectful handling of human remains, we offer a range of forensic tools integrated with our GuardID app.  Our products ensure dignified and traceable management of the deceased from recovery to burial. We supply durable grave markers, body tags, and quality body bags, all compatible with GuardID for enhanced traceability. 

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Complimentary Services and Training

Our GuardID technology, featuring advanced capabilities, integrates seamlessly with our body bags, body tags, and recovery kits, enhancing traceability, security and chain of custody. We offer a comprehensive solution that includes products, digital tools, training, and protocol development, providing a holistic approach to fatality management. This integrated strategy focuses explicitly on the meticulous management of deceased individuals and associated data and tasks, ensuring organizations are fully equipped to handle these sensitive responsibilities efficiently and respectfully.


Training and Consulting

We specialize in a broad range of products for the dignified management of human remains. Our strength lies in finding customized solutions to meet your unique needs. If you cannot find exactly what you’re looking for, we invite you to contact us and discover our bespoke services and manufacturing capabilities.