Forensic Guardians International
  • Bridging Science and Technology: The Future of Forensic Identification

    A few days ago, I presented a paper at The European Society for Criminology conference on a panel that delved deep into the challenges and opportunities of modern-day forensic action. Today, I want to share a glimpse of what was discussed, focusing on the intersection of forensic science and technology and disaster victim identification. The…

  • How to Manage Human Remains in Emergencies

    Infographic: 7 Steps to Manage Human Remains in Emergencies This quick reference guide will help users to recover and manage human remains in emergencies. These steps can be used in conflicts and disasters to support recovery and Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) efforts. Explore the steps that help first responders navigate the complexities of managing human…

  • Human Remains Recovery Forms

    Downloadable in English, Arabic, Turkish, and Russian Use these forms to digitally record and save information about human remains recovered in emergencies, disasters and conflicts. Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) requires knowing the location and context of where the remains were recovered. These multi-lingual forms capture that information. They adhere to standards of best practice.