Training and Consultation

Forensic Guardians International provides consultancy and advisory services to facilitate our clients’ business operations and fatality management and planning processes.

How do we work?


We recognize that emergency situations and international law require seasoned experts to navigate through very complicated and sometimes fractured systems to collect accurate and reliable information.


There is an ever-increasing pressure on organizations to exhibit that forensic investigations are conducted in a professional manner by those with expertise and experience that goes beyond technical knowledge to include an awareness of political and social factors as well as perceptions. 


Men working at High risk places

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Through decades of experience gained working in the international arena in sensitive and difficult environments, including conflict and large-scale disasters, our globally-dispersed experts are specialists and leaders in their fields. They have been deployed around the world to assist in variable types of fatality situations from individual deaths to mass fatality incidents.


Forensic Identification Advisors

The services provided by FGI are customized to meet the specific challenges facing our clients. We cover a range of specialties and can deploy quickly to meet our client’s needs.

FGI can provide neutral and impartial expert assistance in the following areas

Forensic Anthropology

Forensic Archaeology

Forensic Pathology

Forensic Odontology

Forensic Genetics

Forensic Photography

Forensic Data Management

Disaster Preparedness & Management

Missing Person Project Development

Crime Scene Management

Mortuary Management

Death Investigation

Mortuary Design