Emergency and Identity Management Solutions

Our Services

We are a global death and identity management company supporting our clients to ensure they are equipped to deal with death in an emergency. We do this through professional services, product solutions and development of risk management solutions.

FGI relies on the expertise of highly qualified and seasoned forensic experts to offer a range of forensic services based on real-life lessons and years of experience dealing with critical incidents.

We are experts in emergency and identification management.  Our advisors have supported domestic and international operations with preparedness and identification response around the world.  With strong operational experience, robust program management skills and a global network of advisors, FGI aids critical missions in the management of the deceased and identification efforts around the world.  Our professional services include the different disciplines involved in forensic identification, disaster preparedness, death investigations and family assistance.

Product Solutions

Our product line includes items that facilitate the management of fatalities. We offer customizable solutions to meet the needs of our customers. 

Identity Guardian

Identify Guardian is a risk- management tool for the collection, encryption and storage of biological information that is used for identification. 

Through our Identity Guardian services, we ensure that if there is a need for identity confirmation, data has been stored in our high security facilities and is available for a reliable and expedited identification.


From fatality preparedness and management to recovery and identification of human remains, our network of forensic experts and advisors are able to provide a variety of services linked to forensic human identification.

No matter where our clients are in the world, we use our operational excellence, comprehensive expertise, and global network of advisors to quickly deliver tailored, innovative services.