Emergency and Identity Management Solutions

At Forensic Guardians International, our purpose is to reunite the missing or departed with their families. Additionally, we handle professional services, products, and risk management tools, supporting forensic identification, casualty, and emergency management.

What do we offer?

Explore our extensive range of integrated solutions, carefully crafted to meet diverse needs in forensic identification. From cutting-edge body recovery kits to Guardian Grave Site Markers, Identity Guardian, and Training/Consultation services, we have you covered.

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Product Solutions

Order innovative, integrated body recovery kits that includes body bags and digitally enhanced body tags.

Our unique Guardian Grave Site Markers are suitable for all environments, a cost effective solution to mark and track human remains. They can be paired with a digital tracking system.

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Identity Guardian

Identify Guardian is a risk- management tool for the collection, encryption and storage of biological information that is used for identification. 

Through our Identity Guardian services, we ensure that if there is a need for identity confirmation, data has been stored in our high security facilities and is available for a reliable and expedited identification.

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Training and Consultation

From fatality preparedness and management to recovery and identification of human remains, our network of forensic experts and advisors are able to provide a variety of services linked to forensic human identification.

No matter where our clients are in the world, we use our operational excellence, comprehensive expertise, and global network of advisors to quickly deliver tailored, innovative services.

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