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Our Story

As a team of forensic scientists that have been working in the domestic and international arena for decades, we have seen first-hand the problems that exist in the realm of human identification in our home countries and abroad.  We have worked on missing persons programs, disaster response to mass fatality events across the globe, as well as recovery and identification of individuals from active and post-conflict situations.

We have seen the anguish that families go through when they are missing a loved one from any cause.  We have also seen the challenges that organizations and forensic experts face when trying to identify individuals when they do not have the needed information or the necessary infrastructure, institutional resources and plans.  Sadly, while these issues come to light when identification efforts are underway this is often too late.

Forensic Guardians International was founded to help families and institutions resolve these issues.  We help organizations, and by extension, individuals, take the necessary steps to ensure they are equipped to deal with fatality incidents.  We help authorities and institutions put appropriate measures in place so that they are prepared to handle identifications when the need arises. With our collective experience we offer a premium service and a range of custom solutions to protect individuals identities and to promote best practices in the sphere of identification.  

Our Why

At FGI we believe in dignity for the dead.  Whether it is being prepared for identification through the preservation of personal information or having a plan for fatality recovery, FGI provides premium custom solutions to forensic identification needs. 

We have spent decades in the field trying to solve and prevent problems related to missing and unidentified persons.  We have seen countless families search for their loved ones and suffer when they are asked to provide information that they do not have or cannot remember.  We decided that we would offer a service to help prevent these problems  and a place where people can confidently and safely store their personal information.  If disaster does strike or an individual cannot communicate and speak for themselves, we have the information available that will help determine who they are.  If assistance  is needed to make these decisions or recover the remains of an individual in the first place, our experienced, global network of advisors can help with this.

Our Advisors

Forensic Guardians International is a private fatality management company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  Founded by a team of multi-disciplinary forensic experts, FGI was formed in response to a growing need in the domestic and international context to provide expertise in relation to forensic human identification.  We provide custom solutions such as fatality management products, bio-profiling for vulnerable individuals as well as consultancy services and assistance for disaster planning, recovery and identification of human remains.

 With advisors and that have worked across six continents, FGI supports client interests in a broad range of industries, market sectors and geographies. Our global advisor network with extensive field experience and intimate knowledge of the communities, cultures and economies in which we serve enables us to deliver tailored, innovative and cost-effective solutions at a local level often in demanding and emergency situations.

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