Forensic Guardians International

Mortuary tray

Mortuary trays made from 100% recyclable LLDPE plastic.  This patent-pending product weighs only 18 kg and has an underside rail system that suits standard mortuary racking systems.  The specialized design allows the tray to hold up to 150 kgs. It features an ergonomic design with all-around handles that allow for ease of carrying. Seat belt cavities across the tray also for tie-down during transport.  This product is fully stackable and interlocking.

  • Manufactured from anti-microbial material
  • Fully sealed to prevent ingress of fluids
  • 2-year UV rated
  • Rails suit standard mortuary racking systems
  • Fully stackable and interlocking
  • Ergonomic design for lifting
  • Customizable moulded-in labels/stamps available
  • Variety of colours available


  • Height: 85 mm
  • Width: 560 mm
  • Length: 2020 mm
  • Weight: 18 kg

Price: Per item basis, shipping not included

Shipping: Based on weight and final destination