Identity Vault

Through our Identity Vault services, FGI helps our clients protect their identity information and safe-guard details that could identify them in case they are unable to communicate, in disappearance or death. Depending on our clients’ needs, we collect, encrypt and store personal information in a straight-forward and easy to use kit or through our innovative team collection procedures. FGI ensures that information is collected in a timely manner and the data is stored in our accredited, confidential and secure facilities. If the data is ever needed, we provide expedient access to the information to prequalified individuals so that identification efforts are as efficient as possible.

In today’s world, where the risk of disappearance or death while away from home is an ever-increasing possibility, FGI provides realistic solutions to protect identity information. We make sure that should the worst-case scenario happen, we are able to help make positive identifications quickly and accurately. FGI has different levels of data collection and storage options to cover the vast needs of our clients with the choice of having information stored in our highly secure server environment or in an air-gapped system.

Using our services, clients have peace of mind that if it is ever needed, there is a reliable source of information that can legally verify identity. Families and employers can rest assured that they have prepared for unpredictability and taken adequate steps to preserve the identity information for those that are deployed or traveling to higher-risk areas.

How we look after your Identity


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A private Bio-Portfolio is created for you that contains your personal information.


Your Bio-Porfolio is stored in our air-gapped Private Portfolio Protection tool and DNA samples are stored in a safe repository at a Canadian, accredited DNA laboratory. Access to your data is strictly limited to only those people you have authorized.

Peace of mind

Identity insurance in the face of unpredictability.

The Process

The FGI process is designed to be holistic and goes beyond simply collecting a DNA sample. FGI will send teams of forensic experts to meet with clients where 20- minute data collection interviews will be conducted. Clients will have the option to specify who FGI is authorized to share the data with as well as whether they want to profile their DNA immediately and have the sample stored or alternatively, store the sample and profile when needed.


Safeguarding Your Data

The information will be confidentially stored in the air-gapped, encrypted FGI database system until such a time that FGI is called upon to provide represent the person of interest and his or her family in a timely identification process. When FGI is contacted, we will provide the authorized individuals with a copy of the bio-portfolio within a 24-36 hour period and families can have the utmost confidence in the results.

FGI uses only an accredited and reputable Canadian laboratory for the storage and profiling of DNA samples. We have extremely rigid and specific chain-of-custody protocol that must be followed to verify that the information that has been collected is from the appropriate person and in an internationally accepted, standardized manner that will withstand peer review and admissibility scrutiny in court. Security and guardianship of your data is our role. We do not share information with individuals other than whom our clients have authorized.